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The given site is official information body of the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL).
International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL) became the legal receiver the European Union of Weightball Lifting (EUWL). With more detailed information on development European and International kettlebell movements, both at an initial historical stage, and for last years, you can familiarize in section "HISTORY".
At present moment structure of IUKL includes National Federations and representatives of 12 countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, the Great Britain, Australia, Finland, Norway, Greece, Belarus, Moldova and Kazakhstan. Work on attraction in the Union of new members is conducted, there are negotiations with representatives of Israel, Slovenia and USA.
The basic purpose of the organization of this site - to give a trustworthy information about activity of IUKL, to designate contact persons in the various countries and regions, to systematize and make accessible the information on spent international competitions, and also in due time to acquaint you with news in sphere of kettlebell lifting.
Using the menu of navigation on the right You can come into the sections of our site containing more detailed information on each concrete subjects.
In section of "NEWS" You can see messages on all last changes and additions of a site, on preparing actions and the accepted documents.
In section " ORGANIZATION LEADERS " You will find contact data of representatives of the countries and the regions entering in IUKL.
The section of "COMMISSION" contains the information on structure and results of work of the various commissions functioning in IUKL.
In section " CALENDAR of COMPETITIONS " it is possible to receive the information on conditions, a place and terms of carrying out of official competitions.
In section " REGULATIONS OF COMPETITIONS " You will find last officially approved editions of regulations on all competitions declared in planned schedule of IUKL for 2008.
Sections "PHOTO ALBUM" and " REPORTS of COMPETITIONS " will be filled in process of passage of competitions, reception and accumulation of the information.
With last edition of the International rules, with treatment of items of rules, with structure of referees case of IUKL and as with all documents and positions on refereeing You can will familiarize in section "INTERNATIONAL REFEREEING".
In section "SITES" the Internet-address of sites of national federations and information sites on subjects of kettlebell sports are specified.
In section " CERTIFICATION of INSTRUCTORS " is collected the information on International System of kettlebell sport Instructors training and certification. Here it is possible to familiarize with the maintenance of Programs of training of a various level, to see The shedule of kettlebell sport Instructors
training and certification courses for 2008, and as the Register of instructors. In this section for interested persons to pass official training all necessary contact information contains.
In section "DOCUMENTS" the current documentation on work of IUKL (reports of sessions, conferences, concepts and positions) and as registration documents of IUKL are collected all collects.
All questions, offers, wishes on the organizations of a site, and also any information which you would like to place on this site, you can send secretary of EUWL Vasily Ginko to the address of .

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President of EUWL Imants Lochmels.