IUKL Constituent Conference - October 29, 2022

Dear members of IUKL!

We hereby announce the holding of the IUKL Constituent Conference, which will take place during the World Championship of kettlebell lifting.
Dates: October 29, 2022.
Venue: Pride Plaza Hotel Aerocity, Hospitality District, Asset 5A, Aerocity IGI Airport, New Delhi, Delhi, India, 110037.

You can see the agenda and regulations of the IUKL Constituent Conference in the attachment.

Additional information and materials on the agenda of the Conference, questionnaires of the Conference will be provided after October 15, 2022, based on the results of summarizing all received suggestions.

We ask all Active National Members of the IUKL to confirm their authority to participate in the IUKL Constituent Conference until October 15, 2022.

We are waiting for you at our competitions and invite you to participate in the Conference.

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