World Championships – 2023 in all-around and snatch-12

This year the IUKL World Championship was held with a division of competitive disciplines. The first round - in Individual Disciplines (classical clean and jerk, snatch, long cycle) and Combined - was held in September in Uzbekistan. And last week, from December 7 to 10, in Latvia, in the city of Rezekne, the second round of the World Championship took place, where athletes competed in the All-Around and Snatch-12. At the same time, the World Cup Final and the World Grand Prix Series 2023 took place.

The competitions were held in various age groups and representatives from 17 countries submitted applications to participate in them. More than 200 athletes took part in the competition for awards in the disciplines, and the total number of starts in all competitive exercises exceeded 350.

The best results in the adult professional group were noted:
in the clean and jerk of two kettlebells from the chest - Arturas Balnionis Balnionis Arturas (Lithuania), weight category up to 95 kg - 142 lifts;
in the snatch – Gennady Timofeev Tymofieiev Hennadii (Ukraine), weight category up to 95 kg – 212 lifts;
in the long cycle – Oleg Kolomiets Kolomiiets Oleh (Ukraine), weight category up to 85 kg – 79 lifts;
in the all-around sum - Oleg Kolomiets Kolomiiets Oleh (Ukraine), weight category up to 85 kg - 682 points;
in snatch-12 – Volodymyr Kulkivskyi Kulkivskyi Volodymyr (Ukraine), weight category up to 95 kg - 256 lifts

The most intense struggle between the participants took place in the classic snatch, where in 3 categories at once (up to 85 kg, up to 95 kg and over 95 kg), not only the winners, but also the prize-winners showed results of over 200 lifts, and the difference between the results was only 2 up to 4 points.

In the overall team competition, places were distributed as follows:
Among juniors U-23: 1st place - Ukrainian team, 2nd place - Lithuania, 3rd place - Latvia;
Among adult teams: 1st place - Ukraine, 2nd place - Latvia, 3rd place - Lithuania;
Among veterans: 1st place - Latvia, 2nd place - Lithuania, 3rd place - Estonia.

In the individual competition, championship awards in various competition and age groups were also won by representatives of Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, England, France and Italy.

IUKL thanks the Latvian Kettlebell Lifting Association for the cooperation and excellent organization of the competition, the international team of judges and secretaries for the high level of conducting these competitions and, of course, all the athletes who took part in this championship and related competitions and showed excellent results.

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