European Cup and Youth's European Championship in Poland

During November 5-6, over 230 athletes from 13 countries, came to Ostrów Wielkopolski (Poland) and took place in European Cup U-16 & U-18, European Cup, European Grand Prix and Polish Cup. Team results:
1. Ukraine
2. Poland
3. Latvia

U-16 & U-18
1. Lithuania
2. Ukraine
3. Estonia

Worth noting is that our youngest athletes were a significant part of all participants. They came from 9 countries to compete in Poland.
Competitions have been well prepared and carried out on a high organizational level.
Athletes had a great time and declared that they will definitely come next time to Poland if any other sport event will be held there.
From the side of Polish Federation of Kettlebell Sport , we want to say huge thank you for participation and good cooperation.
One more time it was shown that the main point of sport is not only rivalry, but unity across the boundaries.

Photos taken by @Grzegorz Szefer.

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