Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear Friends,Dear Colleagues,2022 has been another year of achievement, but also of new challenges for all of us.

European Cup and Youth's European Championship in Poland

During November 5-6, over 230 athletes from 13 countries, came to Ostrów Wielkopolski (Poland) and took place in European Cup U-16 & U-18, European Cup, European Grand Prix and Polish Cup. Team results:Adults1. Ukraine2. Poland3. Latvia U-16 & U-181. Lithuania2.

IUKL Constituent Conference

On October 29, 2022, the IUKL Constituent Conference was held in New Delhi. The full protocol of the conference will be published on our website in the near future.

World Championship 2022 in New Delhi

October 27 - November 1 New Delhi (India) hosted the World Championship and the World Championship among juniors. India hosted such a major kettlebell lifting competition for the first time.

IUKL Constituent Conference - October 29, 2022

Dear members of IUKL! We hereby announce the holding of the IUKL Constituent Conference, which will take place during the World Championship of kettlebell lifting.Dates: October 29, 2022.Venue: Pride Plaza Hotel Aerocity, Hospitality District, Asset 5A, Aerocity IGI Airport, New Delhi,

Youth's World Championship 2022

The world championship among boys and girls in kettlebell lifting was held July 1-4 in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) (age groups u-16, u-18). More than 220 athletes from 8 countries took part in the competition.

Asian Championship

The Asian Kettlebell Lifting Championship was held in Shchukinsk, in the resort area of Burabay (Kazakhstan). In addition to adult professional athletes, youths (U-16\U-18), juniors (U-23) and veterans were competing at the competition.

World Championship 2021 was held in Budapest

The main competition of 2021 - the world championship was held on October 20-24 in Budapest. In addition to the main championship, there were competitions among juniors, amateurs and veterans. Over 400 athletes from 32 countries were competing there.


The world championship among boys and girls U-16 | U-18 was held in Kaunas (Lithuania) on July 2-4. It was the first world championship in the history of kettlebell lifting for athletes of this age. Previously, only continental competitions were

European Championship 2021 was held in Kazan (Russia)

The European Kettlebell Championship 2021 was held in Kazan on May 27-30.