Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear Friends,
Dear Colleagues,
2022 has been another year of achievement, but also of new challenges for all of us. Today, preserving and strengthening the integrity of sport is more important than ever.
We must continue to focus on the interests of athletes in our work and ensure that we stay politically neutral and to stand and promote inclusion, equality and nondiscrimination in kettlebell lifting.
IUKL is different in many ways. We are a family on good and bad days. When we meet, we always finding time to sit together, break bread away from all the officialdom, the politics and meeting rooms and discuss really important pressing issues.
I would like to thank all the members of the IUKL, the members of the previous and new Board and the Executive Committee of the IUKL for all the incredible work, cooperation and friendship in the past year. We may not always have the same opinions but we always find compromises because we have the same vision that our cooperation should benefit kettlebell lifting and above all, the athletes.
New year is a symbol of hope. In my opinion it is a time of renewal, of friendship and our friendship and solidarity has and always will be key to success. And we are proud that we can turn any new challenges into new opportunities.
The IUKL Team wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season filled with optimism for the New Year!

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